Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europe (GeoE3)

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For the latest information on the GeoE3 project, visit GeoE3 has succesfully published the first Data Integration Platform, connecting national, regional, and cross-border digital services.

The overall objective of the GeoE3 is to exploit existing national geospatial platforms and develop a cloud-based ecosystem of generic services that dynamically integrate various datasets and services with geospatial data. 

In this respect, GeoE3 will provide the dynamic integration of high value data sets and services (e.g. meteorological and statistical), with geospatial features from existing national geospatial data platforms, to simplify meaningful analysis and visualisation enabling the Open Public Data DSI to better serve the citizen. 

GeoE3 will build upon previously EU-funded projects [European Location Framework (ELF) – ref CIP 325140; Open European Location Services (OpenELS) - ref CEF 2016-EU-IA-0046; and European Spatial Data Infrastructure Network (ESDIN) ref ECP-2007-GEO-317008], and will develop 3 compelling use cases. 

More particularly, GeoE3 will:

  • Simplify the discovery and evaluation processes for data and APIs by deploying new quality tools;
  • Enable integration of high value tabular data with geospatial content;
  • Ensure data is DCAT-AP compliant and provide suggestions for improving the core service platform;
  • Create interoperable datasets and modern, web friendly geospatial APIs supporting three highly relevant climate change and urbanisation related use cases;
  • Develop proven generic methods and tools for creating cross-border, cross domain applications for the defined use cases;
  • Establish a permanent geospatially enabled ecosystem based upon national platforms supported by a network of API developers supporting an expanding user community;
  • Prove the geospatially enabled ecosystems can be based on national geospatial platforms by implementing it with all national partners;
  • Provide an infrastructure for sustaining GeoE3 based innovations.

The outcomes of GeoE3 will:

  • Boost the data capability of the DSI with more readily discoverable and interoperable content
  • Enable high performance computing to improve public services;
  • Grow the ecosystem of data, services and actors.