Earth Observation and ENVironmental modelling for the mitigation of HEAlth risks

OGC is a member of the EO2HEAVEN team that is executing a Collaborative Project of the European Commission 7th Framework Program.

EO2HEAVEN contributes to a better understanding of the complex relationships between environmental changes and their impact on human health. The project will monitor changes induced by human activities, with emphasis on atmospheric, river, lake and coastal marine pollution. The result of this collaboration will be the design and development of a GIS based upon an open and standards-based Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII) envisaged as a helpful tool for research of human exposure and early detection of infections.

The key factors of the EO2HEAVEN system will be 1) an enhanced integration of remotely sensed and in-situ environmental measurements, and 2) the development of models to relate these environmental data to exposure and health data. Both factors will directly address current goals of GEOSS such that the resulting system will be integrated into the GEOSS infrastructure after successful validation already during the course of the project.

EO2HEAVEN will specify and implement the SII as an open architecture based upon international standards and adaptive geospatial Web services in alignment with the large-scale initiatives INSPIRE and GMES. The SII will include bridging capabilities at the syntactic and semantic levels to and between environmental and health systems. Ongoing and recently completed research projects in the ICT, environmental and health domains will be studied and used in an integrative approach.

As a member of the EO2HEAVEN team, OGC will support the application of well proven policies and procedures to run the EO2HEVEN Pilot Implementations as interoperability test beds, open to external participation. OGCE will also leverage the experience managing GEO Task AR-07-02 to initiate and run an implementation pilot for Geo Task HE-07-01/02 based on the EO2HEAVEN work