EO Cloud Platform CDS

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The Earth Observation Cloud Platform Concept Development Study (EO Cloud CDS) is evaluating the maturity with regard to real-world deployment of the Earth Observation Applications-to-the-Data specifications that have been developed over the last two years as part of a series of OGC Innovation Program (IP) initiatives . ‘Real world’ includes integration of the architecture into environments requiring authenticated user identity, access controls, and resource usage constraints. The Applications-to-the-Data specifications allow the provisioning of Earth observation data processing applications to data and processing platforms in an interoperable way. Applications developers can develop and test their applications locally before making them available to such platforms. These platforms then provide the necessary interfaces to support ad-hoc deployment, execution, and result provisioning for the applications. To allow application developers to make their applications available on multiple platforms with minimum adaptations, a set of standards is necessary that define how the application is described, how it is deployed and executed, how data needs to be made available to the application, and how final results can be provided in a persistent way. This study is focused on evaluation of architecture and alignment/implementation of OGC standards or draft specifications for the following:

  • Discovery and loading of available data
  • Discovery and invocation of existing services using interoperable technologies based on OGC
  • services
  • Development and deployment of user defined services based on OGC Standards including underlying serverless cloud optimized computing environments such as AWS Lambda with applications packaged in Docker containers
  • Usage of external data form various sources
  • Making results available at various standardized interfaces and APIs
  • Advertisement of new processes, discovery for consumers using catalog technology
  • Enforcement of access controls across platform boundaries (federated/delegated access) and identity management

The EO Cloud CDS will deliver a report, presentations, and videos of lessons learned, best practices, and recommendations.