OGC Market Report: Open Standards and INSPIRE


pdf OGC Market Report: Open Standards and INSPIRE


This purpose of this special OGC market report is to provide INSPIRE stakeholders with an overview of OGC, CEN and ISO standards in INSPIRE and to provide clarification of the Implementing Rules with respect to standards. The report highlights the fact that INSPIRE has some elements that are legally binding and other elements that are not. INSPIRE Implementing Rules are legally binding, but they do not specify particular standards or technologies. Technical Guidance documents accompanying the Implementing Rules provide the implementation details but they are not legally binding documents. Technical Guidance documents reference OGC, ISO and other standards.

As per the OGC Policies & Procedures document, a mechanism exists where INSPIRE requirements regarding OGC standards can be fed into the OGC change request review process. A fuller description of this process is provided in the report.  A number of change requests for existing OGC standards have already been submitted by the INSPIRE community, which includes many OGC members. Any person can post a change request for any OGC standard here: http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/cr

This market report has been developed as a reference document for open standards and INSPIRE and as such provides extensive links to INSPIRE documentation. We would like to thank all the sponsors for their support and patience while putting together this market report. Feedback will be taken into account over the next 6 months and revisions made to the market report at the end of 2012.