The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is proud to co-organize and sponsor upcoming European Innovation Events such as Data Week Leipzig 2023. The Location Innovation Academy continues to grow and support Open Knowledge.

Data Week Leipzig 2023 will run next week, June 26-30, 2023, in Leipzig, Germany, and online. OGC will present its new OGC European Innovation Days event and more at the event. Data Week Leipzig is an innovative networking and exchange event that highlights scientific, economic, and social perspectives of data and its use, and where industry, citizens, science, and public authorities can enter into dialogue. Special topics of Data Week Leipzig 2023 are Semantic Interoperability, the European Green Deal, NetZero Cities, sustainable, resilient development, and the Location Innovation Academy (see below). Digital strategies will be presented and discussed from the European to the local Leipzig City level. The event will be streamed to viewers worldwide.

Findings of the AD4GD (All Data for Green Deal) and GeoE3 Projects will be included in the topics of Monday’s European Innovation Day at Data Week. Several sessions on Data Spaces, Digital Twins, and Urban Planning will be held across Monday and Tuesday, while Wednesday will offer several workshops on Semantic Interoperability and the new “OGC Rainbow” environment – which represents the state-of-the-art in enabling semantic interoperability. 

The Growing Location Innovation Academy

Starting as a hub for the distribution of knowledge and skills related to the publication and use of location-based information, the Location Innovation Academy is expanding its horizons and finding a larger audience, with a view to provide the foundation for the future OGC Academy. The Academy was presented during last week’s Open Data & Open Knowledge Workshop, hosted by GEO. The workshop emphasized the importance of open knowledge and open academies that provide not just information but also grow students’ ability to correctly interpret the available information to support better and more informed decision-making. 

Don’t miss the hybrid hands-on session providing detailed insights about the Location Innovation Academy during the European Innovation Days at Data Week Leipzig 23 on Tuesday June 27 @ 17:00 CEST.

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GeoE3 recently published a blog post entitled “Interested in new technologies of data services?” that outlines the free Data Service Management course offered by the Location Innovation Academy. The course teaches students everything they need to know about OGC API standards and how they can be implemented to manage geospatial data services more efficiently. This course and others offered by the Academy address the need, identified during GeoE3, to lower the barrier of entry for new users of APIs.

More information on the academy and the courses offered is available on GeoE3’s Location Innovation Academy information page. The Location Innovation Academy is hosted by OGC at

For information and registration for the European Innovation Days, including the Semantic Interoperability and Location Innovation Academy sessions, see the Data Week Leipzig 23 website. For other events see the GeoE3 events and OGC events webpages.


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