OGC Europe

European companies, agencies, research centers and universities have played and continue to play a critical role in the development, product implementation, and market adoption of OGC standards.

OGC European forums, interest groups and project activities work to:

  • Promote the development and use of advanced open systems standards and techniques to enable the full integration of geospatial data and geoprocessing resources into mainstream computing and widespread use of interoperable, commercial geoprocessing software throughout the global information infrastructure.
  • Represent the European-based membership of OGC in membership organisations/associations in Europe with similar vision and mission to that of the OGC, including agencies, collaborators and affiliates of the European Commission.

OGC operates two legal entities in Europe that support OGC’s business in Europe. For inquiries, please contact us.

UK Office:
Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Limited
Devonshire House
60 Goswell Road

OGC-Europe was formed in London, UK, 2001 as a non-profit with the purpose of conducting business in Europe on behalf of the OGC’s mission. 

Belgium office: 
Open Geospatial Consortium Europe
Technologielaan 3
3001 Leuven

Open Geospatial Consortium Europe iVZW, Brussels, Belgium, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. (OGC). It was formed in 2019 in the process of relocating offices from the UK.