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1) Overview

The OpenGIS® Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) provides a simple HTTP interface for requesting geo-registered map images from one or more distributed geospatial databases. A WMS request defines the geographic layer(s) and area of interest to be processed. The response to the request is one or more geo-registered map images (returned as JPEG, PNG, etc) that can be displayed in a browser application. The interface also supports the ability to specify whether the returned images should be transparent so that layers from multiple servers can be combined or not.

NOTE: WMS 1.3 and ISO 19128 are the same documents.

2) Downloads

Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 1.3.0 OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification  06-042  IS
  Web Map Services - Application Profile for EO Products (0.3.3)  07-063r1  BP
  Web Map Services - Application Profile for EO Products (0.2.0)  07-063  D-BP
  OpenGIS Web Map Services - Application Profile for EO Products (0.1.0)  06-093  D-DP
  DGIWG - Web Map Service 1.3 Profile - Revision (2.0)  09-102r3  BP
  DGIWG WMS 1.3 Profile and systems requirements for interoperability for use within a military environment (0.9.0)  09-102  D-BP
  OpenGIS Tiled WMS Discussion Paper (0.3.0)  07-057r2  D-DP
  OGC Best Practice for using Web Map Services (WMS) with Time-Dependent or Elevation-Dependent Data (1.0)  12-111r1  BP
 1.3.0 Web Map Service  03-109r1  D-RP
 1.3.0 OpenGIS Web Map Service Client (WMS) Implementation Specification  06-042  CC
 1.1.1 Web Map Service  01-068r3  D-IS
 1.1 Web Map Service  01-047r2  D-IS
 1.0 Web Map Service  00-028  D-IS
 0.9 WMS - Proposed Animation Service Extension  06-045r1  DP
 0.1.0 WMS Change Request: Support for WSDL & SOAP  04-050r1  DP
 0.0.3 WMS Part 2: XML for Requests using HTTP Post  02-017r1  DP


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3) Official Schemas


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4) Related News

OGC Requests Web Map Service Clients (WMS) Reference Implementations  2012-11-16 
The Open Geospatial Consortium's Web Map Service (WMS) Approved as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard  2006-04-12 
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