Sensor Model Language (SensorML)

1) Overview
2) Downloads
3) Official Schemas
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1) Overview

The primary focus of the Sensor Model Language (SensorML) is to provide a robust and semantically-tied means of defining processes and processing components associated with the measurement and post-measurement transformation of observations. This includes sensors and actuators as well as computational processes applied pre- and postmeasurement. The main objective is to enable interoperability, first at the syntactic level and later at the semantic level (by using ontologies and semantic mediation), so that sensors and processes can be better understood by machines, utilized automatically in complex workflows, and easily shared between intelligent sensor web nodes. This standard is one of several implementation standards produced under OGC’s Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) activity. This standard is a revision of content that was previously integrated in the SensorML version 1.0 standard (OGC 07-000).



2) Downloads


Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 2.1 OGC® SensorML: Model and XML Encoding Standard  12-000r2  IS
 2.0 OGC® SensorML: Model and XML Encoding Standard  12-000  IS
 1.0 JSON Encoding Rules SWE Common / SensorML  17-011r2  BP
 1.0.0 OpenGIS Sensor Model Language (SensorML)  07-000  IS
  OpenGIS SensorML Encoding Standard v 1.0 Schema Corregendum 1 (1.01)  07-122r2  ISC
  GML 3.2 implementation of XML schemas in 07-000 (1.0.1)  08-127  DP
 0.9.0 (1.0 beta 1) OpenGIS Sensor Model Language (SensorML)  05-086  D-BP
 0.8.0 (1.0 beta) Sensor Model Language (SensorML) for In-situ and Remote Sensors  04-019r2  D-RP
 0.7 Sensor Model Language (SensorML) for In-situ and Remote Sensors  02-026r4  D-DP
 0.4d SensorML  02-026r1  D-DP
 0.3.0 sensorML Extension Package for ebRIM Application Profile  09-163r2  DP
 0.3.0 OWS-6 SensorML Profile for Discovery Engineering Report  09-033  PER


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3) Official Schemas

Official sensorML schemas @

GML 3.2 implementation of SensorML XML schemas in 07-000 with change request 08-127 @


Note: You may also download All Official OGC Schemas in a single zip file.


4) Related News

The OGC approves SensorML 2.0, advanced standard for Internet of Things  2014-02-24 
The OGC seeks comment on candidate SensorML 2.0 standard  2012-11-16 
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