Public comment requested: Retirement of OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON Best Practice

Please note:  This Request is scheduled to close on 2 January 2023
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Wednesday, 2022-11-02
Closing Date: 
Monday, 2023-01-02
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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Moving Features Standards Working Group (SWG) has recommended that the OGC Best Practice OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON (16-140r1) document be retired. The document has been superseded by the OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON Standard (19-045r3). 

The OGC Moving Features SWG has been actively developing Standards and practices for representing the movement of geographically-tied features. These Standards have built upon the ISO 19141:2008 - Schema for moving features Standard to provide practical implementation guidance for managing moving feature data.

The initial Moving Features encoding was standardized in XML. Further work resulted in a Standardized encoding in comma-separated values (CSV). In keeping with sound methodology, the community developing these Standards worked with real and proven implementations before finalizing the Standards. As such, the SWG published a Best Practice document detailing how moving feature data can be encoded in JSON. This Best Practice formed the basis for further work to standardize a JSON encoding: the OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON Standard.

Now that the JSON encoding is realized as a formal Standard, OGC wishes to retire the out-of-date Best Practice document to ensure that the community is encoding this JSON information in a consistent fashion.

OGC requests that anyone implementing the JSON encoding for moving feature data confirm that they are using the Standard and provide any comments that support or raise concern with retirement of the Best Practice encoding.


Best Practice Document to be retired: OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON (16-140r1) (.HTML)

Superceding Implementation Standard: OGC Moving Features Encoding Extension - JSON Standard (19-045r3) (.HTML)


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