Workflow DWG


Tillman, Stan (Hexagon)

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Group Description:

The mission of the Workflow DWG is to establish a forum for describing, discussing, and solving any issues related to geospatial workflows. By geospatial workflow we mean any workflows that contain any or all processes that relate to geospatial processes and/or data. The primary focus of this DWG is to help individuals and organizations to identify smarter, easier, and more economical ways to build, migrate, manage, and maintain workflows. The intent of the Workflow DWG is not to discuss workflows in general, but rather how those workflows relate to geospatial information and address the special needs of the geospatial community.

Since the Workflow Working Group will touch on the use of several OGC services and workflow technologies, it will involve a work plan that addresses a number of domains. Areas of interest will include the following:

  1. Workflow implementation cost reductions by:
    • Harmonization of OGC web services and standards to simplify passing data within workflows
    • Possibly limit web service encodings (REST & SOAP only versus KVP, XML, & SOAP)
  2. Workflow languages (BPEL, etc)
  3. Workflow security and licensing issues - data encryption, authentication, etc.
  4. Workflow interfaces (Monitoring, Feedback, Semantics)
  5. Workflow optimizations
  6. Workflow architecture discussions
    • Optimizing workflows by reducing bandwidth usage by
      1. Standardizing mechanisms to pass by reference than by value
      2. Mechanisms for data compression
    • OGC asynchronous requests
    • OGC transactions
    • Mapping contexts
    • Workflow Metadata (Tracking Provenance, Change Management)