Web Mapping Service 1.4 SWG


Sankaran, Satish (Esri)
Maso Pau, Joan (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CREAF))
Cechini, Matthew (Science Systems & Applications, Inc. (SSAI))

Group Description:

1.    Web Mapping Service (WMS) 1.4 SWG


2.    Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to finish the Web mapping Service (WMS) Version 1.4 Standard. It will achieve this objective by evaluating and processing the Change Requests listed in Section 3, ensuring that the standard is consistent with the OGC baseline and business plan.

3.    Scope of Work

This SWG is focused on processing change requests to be included in the Web Mapping Service version 1.4.  The Scope of Work (SOW) will be to collect all outstanding and planned Change Requests, evaluate each of these proposals, and edit the standard based on these Change Requests and related decisions of the SWG membership.

This SWG will consider at least the following Change Requests / Proposals:

1)      OGC 07-108 - Change request to Move DescribeLayer from SLD Profile to WMS.

2)      OGC 07-116 - WMS Change request to Add AcceptVersions and AcceptFormats Mechanisms

3)      Enforce URN notation for the CRS as recommended by OWS common. There is still considerable debate on the axes order issue, which need to be revisited before enforcing CRS URN notations for the next version of the WMS specification.

4)      Add Abstract Test Suite.

5)      OGC 06-149r1 - WMS change request  to add multilingual support ( https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=20150&version=1).

6)      OGC 05-138 - WMS change request to Specify all KVP names

7)      OGC 02-017r1 proposal  - proposal for XML encoding of GetMap request

8)      Align the version of the spec with the latest approved OWS Common specification. If OWS version 1.2 is on track to become an IS prior to WMS 1.4 release, it would be best to align this version of wms 1.4 with OWS 1.2.

9)      Align the version of the specification with the latest approved Styled layer descriptor Implementation Specification (05-078r4 )

10)  Advance the discussions on the two papers dealing with Tiled Mapping Services : OGC 07-057r2 and 07-057r3.  The "07-057r3" version is uncoupled from the OGC WMS specification, but will be dealt within this specifications group which will work towards creating an implementation specification. The SWG will discuss and decide on the possibility of retiring the "07-057r2" version.

11)  Possible Further Considerations

a.       Discuss and decide on the need for aligning the WMS specification document with the Core-Extension model(Sept 07 motion, OGC 07-056r2).

b.      Align any recommendations for SOAP WSDL based on - SOAP OGC Discussion Paper 07-158 (Dec 07 motion) and OWS 5 SOAP/WSDL Common ER

c.       Harmonization with related OGC standards (SLD, Filter Encoding) (Not yet drafted)

Additional Change Requests may be addressed at the discretion of the SWG based on criticality of the change and available time and resources.

3.1       What is out of scope?

Only those change requests submitted through the formal process as identified in the Policy and Procedures will be addressed.  Therefore, any items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc will be outside of the scope of this SWG until formally submitted.

3.2    Specific Existing Work Used as Starting Point

The starting point for the work will be Version 1.3 of the Web Mapping Service standard (OGC  06-042). In addition, the work previously done by the WMS RWG will be used, as documented on the:

1)      Twicki pages rooted at


2)      Portal pages rooted at https://portal.ogc.org/index.php?m=projects&a=view&project_id=146


3.3    How to Determine when Work of SWG has been Completed

The following criteria will be used to determine the completion of this SWG:

1)      All Change Request Proposals submitted prior to March 31, 2008 have been reviewed and evaluated to the satisfaction of the SWG. This may include working the proposal, rejecting the proposal, or postponing the proposal to a later version.

2)      A completed revision of Web Mapping Service V1.4 Standards documents have been produced and reviewed by the SWG and have been approved for submission to the TC for approval as an adopted standard.

4.    Description of deliverables

The following deliverables will result from the work of this SWG:

1)      A final version of the Web Mapping Service V1.4 Standards documents for submission to the TC.

2)      Corresponding XML schemas associated with version 1.4 of the Web mapping Service Standards documents.

The following schedule of activities is anticipated:

1)      Revisit the organization and assignment of SWG work activities during the Web mapping Service 1.4 SWG kickoff teleconference to be held in Juanuary 2008.

2)      Internal review of WMS 1.4 initial release documents status during TC meetings March, 2008. This review will include initial evaluation of which proposed changes are not likely to be ready in time for inclusion in the version 1.4 final document.

3)      Final version of the WMS 1.4 release documents completed at least three weeks prior to TC meetings June, 2008.


The above schedule is meant to serve as a guideline to the SWG in order to determine completion milestones.  However, based on the actual Change Requests, completion dates may be adjusted to accommodate critical updates to the documents.  Although all change requests will be addressed, some may be postponed due to the need to more quickly produce a document containing higher priority requests.

5.    IPR Policy for this SWG

RAND-Royalty Free

6.    Anticipated Audience

The target audience of Web mapping Service version 1.4 is any implementers and / or users of OGC Web Mapping Services.

7.    Other informative information about the work of this SWG

a. Similar or applicable standards work

The following standards may be relevant to this SWG's planned work:

  • Styled Layer Descriptor 1.1
  • ISO 19128
  • OWS Common 1.2 SWG

b. Details of first meeting

The first meeting of this SWG will be by teleconference to be held in January 2008. We have reserved the teleconference line + 1 1-719-785-9345 passcode: 564092#. The proposed day/time would be alternate Thursdays at 8 AM PST.

c. Projected on-going meeting schedule

The work of this SWG will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, with face-to-face meetings at each of the OGC TC meetings as defined by the chair.  The teleconference calls are currently planned every two weeks on Thursday from 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

d. Supporters of this Charter

The following persons support this SWG and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule.




Satish sankaran


Keith Pomakis


Chuck Morris

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dimitri Monie

Ionic Soft

Reinhard Erstling

Interactive Instruments GmbH

Markus Lupp


Joan Maso Pau

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CREAF)

Michael Schwieger

Mapsolute GmbH

Lacey Sharpe

Intergraph Corporation 

Arliss Whiteside

BAE Systems

e. Convener

  • Satish Sankaran (ESRI)