A Subcommittee is a standing group (organizationally, a subgroup of the Technical Committee or the Planning Committee) of individuals composed of members of the TC or PC and Invited Guests, with a mission to provide recommendations to the TC or PC in some general area. A Subcommittee does not generate a Standard nor do they work on a Standard.

Name space Lead **
Compliance Interoperability & Testing Evaluation (CITE) SC (CITE SC)Heazel, Charles (Heazel, Charles)
Document SC (DocTeam)Reed III, Carl (Reed, Carl)
Simmons, Scott (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.)
Integrated Digital Built Environment SC (IDBE SC)Roensdorf, Carsten (Ordnance Survey)
OGC Naming Authority SC (OGC NA SC)Hobona, Gobe (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.)
Stubkjær, Erik (Aalborg University, Dept. of Planning)
** - There may be Co-Chairs or Vice-Chairs that are not listed in this table