Portele, Clemens (interactive instruments GmbH) - Group Chair

Group Description:

1. Geography Markup Language 3.3 SWG (GML SWG)


Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of the GML SWG is to revise the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard. The standard is also published by ISO as ISO 19136:2007.

The SWG may decide - in cooperation with the OGC TCC, the ISO/TC 211 Chairman and the JAG - that the revision should be a joint project with ISO/TC 211 and result in a revision of ISO 19136, too. In this case, the SWG will also deliver one or more ISO New Work Item Proposals for submission by OGC to ISO/TC 211.

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to evaluate and resolve submitted Change Request Proposals (CRPs) assigned to the GML SWG.

The SWG will ensure that all changes are consistent with the OGC standards baseline and business plan and ISO/TC 211 standards baseline.


Scope of Work

This SWG is focused on processing CRPs to be included in the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard. 

The Scope of Work (SOW) will be to collect all outstanding CRPs, evaluate each of these proposals, and make edits to the standard based on change requests and related decisions of the SWG membership.

Changes required to the standard to align it with revisions of the standards baseline or business plan also require the submission of CRPs.

The SWG may announce a cut-off date for the submission of CRPs that are to be addressed in the next revision. The cut-off date for version 3.3 was at the end of the OGC TC meeting in September 2008. Additional CRPs submitted after the cut-off date may be addressed at the discretion of the SWG based on criticality of the change and available time and resources.

The final deliverable will be a revision of the standard for consideration by the membership for adoption.

The SWG may decide to address selected CRPs immediately in a corrigendum of the current standard.

As part of the CRP review process the SWG will decide on the version number of the revised standard, i.e. 3.3 or 4.0.


What is out of scope?

Only those change requests submitted through the formal process as identified in the OGC TC Policy and Procedures will be addressed. Therefore, any items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc. will be outside of the scope of this SWG until formally submitted.


Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting Point

The starting point for the work will be version 3.2.1 of the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard (07-036) and all formally submitted CRPs. 


How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed?

The GML SWG may dissolve after the following milestones have been achieved (note that this is not automatic as the GML SWG is a persistent SWG):

  1. The SWG has completed the evaluation, resolution and incorporation of all CRPs submitted prior to the cut-off date into the candidate revision of the standard.
  2. Completion of a 30 day public comment period.
  3. Approval by the SWG membership of a recommendation to submit the document to the TC for consideration as a revision of the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard deprecating the current version.
  4. The revision of the standard has been approved by the OGC Technical and Planning Committees.

In case of a joint project with ISO/TC 211, additional milestones may be required.


Description of deliverables

The following deliverables will result from the work of this SWG:

  1. A candidate for the revision of the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard for submission to the TC. As part of the revision process the standard may be split into multiple parts.
  2. Corresponding informative schema documents associated with the revision for publication in the OGC schema repository.
  3. Release notes documenting the changes introduced in the revision.

The schedule of activities is documented on the Twiki pages of the GML SWG. The current plan is to submit a candidate of GML 3.3 before the September 2009 TC meeting.

The schedule is meant to serve as a general guideline to the SWG in order to determine completion milestones. However, the completion date and other target dates will be adjusted in order to accommodate a critical update to the document(s) or allow for a sufficient discussion of CRPs. The schedule shall be updated by the SWG at every TC meeting.

Although all change requests will be addressed, some may be postponed due to the need to more quickly produce deliverables resolving higher priority requests.


IPR Policy for this SWG

RAND-Royalty Free.


Anticipated Participants

The targeted participants of the GML SWG are implementers of GML and other standards using GML as well as content providers and prospective users of geographic information exposed as XML.

This includes the standards working groups of the OGC which develop and maintain OGC standards normatively referencing GML.


Other informative information about the work of this SWG

a. Similar or applicable standards work (OGC and elsewhere)

  • Revisions to abstract standards normatively referenced by GML
  • Revisions to the OGC specification best practice document (06-135r1)
  • Results of the OGC Policy SWG
  • Ongoing work in the SWE DWG and Coverages DWG and their associated SWGs
  • Revision of ISO 19118

b. Details of the first meeting

The GML SWG kickoff meeting and teleconference was held Tuesday, 25 March 2008, from 10:00 to 12:00 Central time. The meeting took place during the March 2008 OGC TC meeting in St Louis, MO, USA.

c. Projected on-going meeting schedule

The work of this SWG will be carried out primarily by email, the Twiki and conference calls, with face-to-face meetings in principle at each of the OGC TC meetings as defined by the chair.

d. Supporters of the Proposal

The following people supported this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule. These members are known as SWG Founding or Charter members.



Clemens Portele

interactive instruments GmbH

Simon Cox


Ron Lake

Galdos Inc.

David Burggraf

Galdos Inc.

Andrew Woolf

British Atmospheric Data Centre (NCAS/BADC)

e. Convener

  • Clemens Portele (interactive instruments GmbH)