Boisvert, Eric (GeoConnections - Natural Resources Canada) - Group Chair

Group Description:


This SWG is a collaboration between OGC and the IUGS Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information (IUGS CGI). It was founded in 2013, and continues the work of the GCI Interoperability Working Group since 2004.


Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to progress the GeoSciML data model and application schema for geoscience information interchange. This will be achieved by processing comments received during the public comment period and ensuring that the standard is consistent with the OGC business plan.


Scope of Work

The SWG initial scope - development of the GeoSciML v4 data model and modular specification to be ratified as an official OGC standard - has been completed. Successful votes of the OGC Technical and Planning Committees occurred in late 2016.  The SWG will continue, but the focus will be primarily to address any change requests received from interested parties in 2017 and beyond.


What is Out of Scope?

This SWG will focus only on processing comments received during the 30 day public comment period. Any Change Requests which are not compatible with current implementations of GeoSciML v4 are out of scope. All change requests will be retained for consideration for later versions of the standard.


Description of Deliverables

This SWG will, from mid 2017 onwards, address change requests for GeoSciML from interested parties.

IPR Policy for this SWG

The Intellectual Property Rights for this SWG are governed under Item 4 of the Memorandum of Understanding between OGC and IUGS Commission for the Application and Management of Geoscience Information (CGI).


 Anticipated Participants

The SWG will consist of interested parties from Geological Surveys, Academic institutions, and commercial and government organizations that utilize geoscience information.


 Other Informative Remarks about this SWG

a. Founding members (2013)

The following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule. These members are known as SWG Founding or Charter members. Once the SWG is officially activated, this group is immediately “opted-into” the SWG and have voting rights from the first day the SWG is officially formed. Extend the table as necessary.



Stephen M Richard

AzGS, now Columbia University

Oliver Raymond

Geoscience Australia

Jean Jacques Serrano


Tim Duffy


John Laxton


Mark Rattenbury

GNS New Zealand

Eric Boisvert


Guillaume Duclaux


Jouni Vuollo


Dale Percival

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Francois Robida


Carlo Cipolloni

Geological Survey of Italy (APAT)

Bruce Simons



b. Founding Convener(s)

Oliver Raymond – Geoscience Australia

Stephen Richard – Arizona Geological Survey (now Columbia University)