Defense and Intelligence DWG


Colaiacomo, Lucio (European Union Satellite Centre) - Group Chair

Group Description:

This group was officially created at the Edinburgh TC with:

  • Members including: Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems, DGIWG, EUSC,ESRI, Galdos Systems, University of Alabama Huntsville, NGA, Intergraph, TechniGraphics

The objectives of the DIDWG are to:

·         Provide an environment that facilitates information exchange and collaboration between all members;

·         Collect and express the business and technical requirements for geospatial interoperability by the community in a manner suitable for industry;

·         Receive feedback from industry on the business and technical requirements;

·         Present and review geospatial standards that are profiled for the community;

·         Present and review commercial software solutions directed at the community;

·         Present and review compliance test procedures pertinent to the community;

·         Provide feedback to industry on commercial software solutions;

·         Recommend the formation of OGC pilot projects and test beds that serve the community requirements;

·         Facilitate the creation of special communities of interest, within the DIDWG, promoting new initiatives within the DIDWG.

·         Promote the DWG to members of the community to encourage their participation;

·         Publish the outcomes of DWG activities on the OGC Web site;

·         Undertake liaison relationships between the DWG and groups that represent the interests of the DI community;

·         Manage the DWG as a community of practice where all members can participate independently of formal structures and processes that individual organizations may otherwise impose.