Lott, Roger (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)) - Co-Chair,
Ryden, Keith (Esri) - Co-Chair

Group Charter:

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Group Description:

The SWG will collect and evaluate outstanding change request proposals and revise the Abstract Specification Topic 2 documents (08-015r2 and 10-020) in accordance with the decisions of the SWG membership. Additional capabilities will be considered for inclusion in the CRS WKT specification (12-063r5). The intention is to retain full backward compatibility with the existing specifications except if correcting minor errors in the existing text. Based on these revisions the revised documents will be offered for consideration by the OGC membership for adoption.

In recognition of the work being a joint project with ISO, the following schedule of activities is planned:

  •     SWG startup: June 2016
  •     Revised draft document: December 2016
  •     ISO CD ballot (3 months): January- April 2017
  •     ISO CD editing committee: at ISO TC May 2017
  •     ISO DIS ballot (5 months): December 2017

Approvals within OGC will be sought in parallel with the ISO process.

The CRS SWG will not consider issues associated with spatial referencing using Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS).