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Baumann, Peter (Jacobs University Bremen GmbH) - Group Chair,
Jacovella-St-Louis, Jérôme (Ecere Corporation) - Group Chair,
Meissl, Stephan (EOX IT Services GmbH) - Group Chair

Group Description:

Web Coverage Service (WCS) SWG

The WCS.SWG is a standing WG working on the Web Coverage Service (WCS) suite of standards. A coverage is defined as a "space-time varying phenomenon", such as 1D sensor time series, 2D remote sensing imagery, 3D x/y/t satellite image time series and x/y/z geophysical data, as well as 4D x/y/z/t atmospheric and ocean data. A normative abstract definition of coverages is given in OGC Abstract Topic 6 (which is identical to ISO 19123), a concrete definition is provided with the OGC GML Application Schema for Coverages. In practice, the SWG engages in all aspects of  storing , encoding, accessing, and processing coverages.

Specific Existing Work Used as Starting Point

The starting point for the work will be Version 1.1.2 of the Web Coverage Service standard (OGC  07-067r5). In addition, the work previously done by the WCS.2.0 RWG will be used, as documented on the:

1)      Twiki pages rooted at

2)      Portal pages rooted at

These materials reflect the decision of the WCS 1.2 SWG to divide version 2.0 into multiple documents, and that decision will be followed by this SWG. These documents are not expected to all be ready at the same time, so an initial release of two or three documents is expected, followed by a second release of several more documents.

Supporters of this Charter

The following persons support this SWG and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule.



Aaron Braeckel

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Steven Keens PCI Geomatics

Alex Robin

Spot Image

Andrew Woolf

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Arliss Whiteside

BAE Systems

Chris MacDermaid


Wenli Yang GMU
John Herring Oracle

Max Martinez


Peter Baumann

Jacobs University Bremen | rasdaman GmbH