The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is excited to Welcome Dr. Simon Cox as our next Visiting Fellow. Simon will use his expertise and experience to help the organization take the new “OGC Rainbow” interoperability environment to the next level.

With its OGC Rainbow, OGC is building the most advanced interoperability framework in the geospatial domain. OGC Rainbow connects taxonomies, profiles, Standards, schemas, metadata, and other elements and enables reliable knowledge generation and decision making, all in a machine- and human-friendly environment. 

Dr. Simon Cox will help OGC to further develop the conceptual model behind OGC Rainbow and review all of the underlying assumptions and use cases. Simon will also play a critical role in communicating and coordinating OGC Rainbow with other standards organizations.

“I am excited that Simon will join our work to enhance the level of interoperability seen in the geospatial domain,” said OGC Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Dr. Ingo Simonis. “Simon has excellent expertise in data modeling and extracting modeling patterns and mechanisms. I am confident that Simon will help us take the work around our ‘OGC Rainbow’ interoperability environment to the next level.”

Dr. Simon Cox worked for many years for the leading Australian science and technology organization, CSIRO. Simon has been involved in OGC activities since the year 2000, and received an OGC Gardel’s Award in 2006. Recently, Simon made substantial contributions to the joint OGC/W3C efforts on spatial data on the web

Simon was the primary driving force behind the creation of the initial resources upon which OGC Rainbow has been built and led the establishment of the OGC Naming Authority – the group that governs OGC’s registries and Standards schemas. After retiring from CSIRO earlier this year, he has maintained an involvement in vocabulary management and publication, and in cross-domain metadata through CODATA and DDI.

“I’m looking forward to renewing my engagement with OGC,” said Simon. “I’ll bring perspectives from recent engagements in environmental and social sciences where adaptation of OGC and W3C standards to specific applications, and presentation of that to a variety of audiences, remains a challenge.”

OGC’s Visiting Fellow program was established to support OGC’s integrated standards and innovation strategy, which falls under the leadership of OGC’s Chief Standards Officer, Scott Simmons, and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Dr. Ingo Simonis. The program welcomes highly accomplished, seasoned experts from around the world to augment OGC’s leadership team with external targeted expertise and support the strategic objectives of the Consortium for durations of 3-9 months.

If you are interested in the OGC Visiting Fellow program and wish to be considered, please contact OGC using the form at


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