Cloud-Native Geospatial Outreach Event

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 08:00 EDT
Wednesday, 20 April 2022 17:30 EDT
Event Description: 


Cloud-native Geospatial is a new way of working with spatial data that is centered around a set of new standards (COG, STAC, Zarr, COPC) focused on cloud-based access. The grassroots movement shares the mission of OGC - making location information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) - but leverages the cloud to radically simplify the effort needed to make geospatial data FAIR. Expanding on the success of the first Cloud-Native Geo Outreach Day we are gathering the wider community to share experiences and welcome new users to these exciting new developments. See the call for speakers blog post for additional information.

Why Does Cloud-Native Matter?

Cloud-native geospatial offers many benefits to location data users ranging from decreasing the burden on data providers, to drastically lowering the costs of managing that data. Once the data is in the right cloud-native geospatial formats then it’s easy to tap into a rich ecosystem of platforms and tools without having to download large data files. This also increases the applicability of cloud-scale tools, and magnifies the impact of geospatial insights to a solution. For more details on the vision see the Towards a Cloud-Native OGC post.

About the Event

This two-day free virtual event on April 19th and 20th will bring together various cloud-native geospatial communities to share real-world experience and challenges, and welcome in a next generation of users and contributors who will continue to expand the impact of this new approach. It will have an overview of COG, STAC, Zarr and COPC and their ecosystem of tools, along with a number of lightning talks and tutorials. This event will be the precursor to a series of Cloud-Native Geospatial activities with the outcome of a large-scale OGC Initiative aimed to enable far more geospatial data to be FAIR. 


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All sponsors will have their logos on the event website and in slides thanking sponsors during the event. Sponsors who commit before the general signup launch (tentatively on March 16th) will have their logos included on the blog post announcing the signup. Sponsors who commit after March 17th will get their logos included, but will miss out on the initial attention. Sponsors will receive recognition of their support throughout the event and its promotion. We firmly believe that the cloud-native geospatial movement is going to be a foundation of much future innovation, so we hope that by associating with cloud-native geo early your organization will get continued recognition in the future.

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Use of Funds

As a virtual event the cost of actually running the event will be fairly minimal. It is planned that the majority of sponsorship dollars will be rolled over to an OGC initiative aimed at expanding the cloud-native geospatial movement with some key activities to help mature the ecosystems around the specs. Top sponsors will have a role in shaping the exact direction of that initiative.

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