Standards Program

OGC Standards are developed within the OGC Standards Program. Here the OGC Technical Committee and OGC Planning Committee work in a formal consensus process to arrive at approved (or "adopted") OGC® standards. Learn about the standards that have been approved so far, and see the lists of products that implement these standards.

View the adopted OGC standards.

Search the OGC database for Compliant Products and Implementations.

Look into the OGC's Role in the Spatial Standards World.

How do you participate in the Standards Program or the development of these standards? The OGC Standards Program issues public requests for comments, proposals, information or technologies for the purpose of ensuring the best possible technical foundation for candidate OGC® standards. Whether you are an OGC member or not, your comments or submissions are encouraged. Read about the Open Requests ( RFPs, RFCs, RFIs )

The OGC Technical Committee runs the standards development process with a published set of policies and procedures to carry out its work. 

The RFC procedure, as explained in the Policies and Procedures document, allows for fast-track adoption of a candidate standard submitted by any OGC Member if the specification is deemed mature enough and meets the OGC Fast Track submission criteria.

Much of the work and discussion that goes into an OGC standard takes place in the Standards Program's Committees & Working Groups.

The OGC also issues formal public requests related to its Innovation Program. These documents provide detailed information about the specific interoperability requirements to be addressed in an initiative, and they outline the steps that will be followed in planning and executing the initiative.