Glossary of Terms - N

National Mapping Agencies
National government agencies, such as the UK's Ordnance Survey, France`s Institut Geographique National (IGN) and the US's US Geological Survey and Federal Geographic Data Committee, that are chartered to provide national mapping products and services.
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
Information Infrastructure elements that make digital geographic information a part of everyone's digital information environment: data content and metadata standards; national Framework (base) data; metadata to help inventory, advertise, and intelligently search geographic data sets; a clearinghouse that allows for catalog searches across multiple geodata servers on the Internet; commercial geoprocessing products that interoperate through interfaces that conform to interoperability interface specifications; and partnerships to advance data sharing and NSDI development.
navigation service
An enhanced version of the Route Service, which is a network-accessible service that determines travel routes and navigation information between two or more points.
Non-governmental organization
National Information Infrastructure. A nation`s entire collection of public and private digital information, physical networks and network software, computers, and knowledge about how to use them.
National Mapping Agency
0-dimensional topology primitive (see OGC Abstract Specification (Topic 1) clause 7.3.12)
Neutral Transfer Format. Interchange of geographic information within UK


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