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The OGC is an open membership organization that offers a range of membership levels for industry, government, academic, research and not-for-profit organizations interested in supporting the Consortium’s global mission: Making Location Information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Our consortium of experts ensures that OGC remains a neutral forum to solve issues leveraging the power of geospatial, and delivering open and consensus-based standards that move at the rapid pace of innovation.

Engage with our community and improve decision making at all levels. Help us support our mission and advance the work that is most important to you.

Levels of OGC Membership:
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Participate as a Community Member

The entry level of OGC Membership, OGC community members can participate in a range of activities across the consortium. 

Benefits include:

  • Access to Standards Working Groups and Domain working Groups.
  • Participation in developer code sprints.
  • Eligibility for funding in Collaborative Solution & Innovation activities.
  • Access to member events, such as webinars, meetings, workshops, and summits.
  • Networking benefits with the world’s experts on leading edge knowledge and innovative data and technology practices.
  • Increased exposure of your brand and offerings to potential partners, investors, and customers via the OGC website.

Membership fee structure:

$18,000 / large business
$12,000 / medium business, national government agency
$5,000 / small business, sub-national government agency
$2,500 / startup, university, association, not for profit
$1,500 / individual

Influence as a Voting Member

Voting members of OGC influence change throughout the consortium with the power of their vote, and ability to participate in the technical committee, the backbone of the OGC consensus-based process.

As a Voting member, gain access to all of the benefits of a Community Member, plus:

  • Access to standard setting, voting and decision processes from beginning to end.
  • Ability to influence which standards are advanced, considering your area of business activity.
  • Ability to influence which standards are implemented, considering your
    specific business needs.
  • Ability to access one of the world’s best and largest technical community of experts, to help resolve some of your most pressing interoperability challenges.
  • Recognition for technical leadership and influence.

Membership fee structure:

$27,000 / large business
$18,000 / medium business, national government agency
$12,000 / small business, startup, sub-national government agency, university, association, not for profit

Lead as a Principal Member

OGC’s Principal Members Lead  through innovation, and shape the future of the consortium’s technology roadmap. They oversee and are the final approver on trends, the OGC technology roadmap, board of directors members, and so much more.

As a Principal Member, gain all of the benefits of Community and Voting Members, plus:

  • Seat on the Executive Planning Committee.
  • Final approval of identified and emerging data, technologies, and associated standards at the front-end of the OGC technology roadmap.
  • Final approval of globally relevant standards in a highly competitive industry.
  • Access to and shaping of leadership opportunities in specific testbeds and pilots for global technology and innovation potential.
  • Approval of Board of Directors.
  • Networking at the executive level of the consortium.

Membership fee structure:

$65,000 / business, government, academia, not for profit

Invest as a Strategic Member

Strategic members build the future of OGC. The biggest players in location, they invest in the future of the consortium to ensure the future of key innovative technologies and standards that are core to their missions. These esteemed members leverage our community of experts to build the future.

As a Strategic Member, get access to all of the benefits of Community, Voting, and Principal Members, plus:

  • Seat on the Strategic Advisory Committee.
  • Power to define the requirements and priorities of the OGC Collaborative Solution an Innovation program.
  • Leverage of pooled resources to accelerate the pace of activities and standards directly relevant to your mission and your market.
  • Ability to mobilize world class experts to prototype solutions specific to your use cases.
  • Ability to outsource your research needs to global experts.
  • Demonstration of the highest level of commitment to open standards, FAIR principles and collective problem solving.

Membership fee structure:

$255,000 / business, government, academia, not for profit

Annual Membership Pricing

Community Member
Join to Participate
Voting Member
Join to Influence
Principal Member
Join to Lead
Strategic Member
Join to Invest
– large business
-medium business,
-national government agency
– small business
– sub-national government agency
– startup
– university
– association
– not for profit
– individual
– large business
– medium business
– national government agency
– small business
– startup
– sub-national government agency
– university
– association
– not for profit
– business
– government
– academia
– not for profit
– government
– academia
– not for profit
* Previously Associate Member* Previously Technical Member

*OGC strives to be as inclusive as possible regarding membership. Your organization may be eligible for membership discounts, based on country of origin and World Bank Country Income rankings. See the membership level calculator below for details more details.

Determine your membership fee using the fee calculator below, and begin the application process. Contact us below if you need more information.

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