OGC Testbed 14

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OGC Testbed-14

OGC Testbeds are the largest OGC Innovation Program (OGC IP) activities. The OGC IP provides global, hands-on, collaborative prototyping for rapid development and delivery of geospatial IT solutions. All results are publicly available once approved by the OGC Technical Committee. Testbeds provide a unique platform where sponsors can outsource the rapid generation of prototypes and test environments with a number of leading organizations in their field. Testbeds result in more than just new and updated standards: outcomes include guides, overviews, videos and best practices for solving leading-edge geospatial problems.

Testbed-14 Scope

Testbed-14 explored a variety of geospatial data modeling, access, exchange, processing, and visualisation aspects. More than 200 experts address research questions, prototype services and solutions, and develop guidelines and best practices in 15 different themes as listed below.

Testbed-14 Threads

Testbed 14 was organized into the following threads. These integrated both architectural and thematic views, allowing a grouping of closely related work items and reduction of cross-thread dependencies.

Testbed-14 Documentation

The activities and results of Testbed-14 are documented in a set of Engineering Reports (ERs). ERs from many recent OGC initiatives are available on the OGC Public Engineering Report Repository. For Testbed-14, the following ERs have been published:

Testbed-14 Demonstrations and Videos

In addition to the Engineering Reports, the achievements were presented in a number of focused Demonstration Events to showcase Testbed-14 results:

Testbed-14 participants have also created a number of videos highlighting the achievements and implementations: OGC Testbed-14 YouTube Channel

Testbed-14 Sponsors

Work on Testbed 14 commenced with the elicitation of Sponsor requirements in 2017. Among the organizations providing testbed sponsorship are the following OGC members:

Get in Touch!

Anybody wishing to learn more about this initiative, or about the OGC Interoperability Program in general, can contact the Innovation Programs Team at ip@ogc.org

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