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Cartography suffers in distributed web service environments and the poor presentation of data creates a negative  perception of the data quality, spatial data infrastructures and web standards. The current domain of web based  map driven display often ignores the fundamental concepts of basic cartography. The developers of the web based  map tools are often programmers with little cartographic experience, training or guidance. A major problem exists:  A haphazard use of colors, symbols, patterns, shapes and sizes are used to represent similar features.   


The proposed work for this Concept Development Study is in three major phases.    The first phase is to do an in‐depth review of the good work that has already occurred with web based  symbology to assess what has and what has not worked.   The second phase is to consult with implementers and report on two case studies.  The third phase is to provide recommendations in a report and presentations.     The end deliverable for the Concept Development Study is a Report which would consist of the past work summary  and the recommendation for future work.



Participation has been requested in the following Press Release

OGC Requesting Responses to its Portrayal Concept Development Study




Tentative Dates

Collect and document past and current practices on Portrayal and Symbology

January to Mid- February

Collect and document how best to plan for new methods for Portrayal and Symbology

Mid-February to Mid-March

Complete Engineering Report

Mid-March to End of March 2018

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