GeoPackage Elevation Extension Interoperability Experiment

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This interoperability experiment (GPKG-EE IE) tested a proposed extension to the OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard (12-128r1). Testing was achieved by building GeoPackages using the proposed extension and then using those GeoPackages in visualization and analysis software. This IE produced an OGC Engineering Report that discusses whether the elevation extension meets community requirements and can proceed to the OGC standards adoption process. The OGC GeoPackage Elevation Extension Interoperability Experiment Engineering Report is now available.

The revised Interoperability Experiment Activity Plan can be downloaded from:

The Activity plan was regularily updated to reflect consensus decisions of the group.

An elevation extension is required to store tiled gridded elevation data in a GeoPackage to support a variety of visualization and analysis operations. The proposed extension is based on work documented in the OGC Discussion Paper, “Envisioning an Elevation Extension to the GeoPackage Encoding Standard” (OGC 15-039) and subsequent work performed by the GeoPackage Standards Working Group. The SWG proposes to leverage the existing GeoPackage structure for raster tiles using PNG or TIFF files as the container for the elevation values themselves.



  Public announcement, start of 30-day
  participation notification period

November 3, 2015

  Kickoff (execution start date):

December 14, 2015,

  Biweekly meetings


  Planned end date:

April 2016

  Actual end date (Engineering Report approved)

August 2016

Wrap-up and Reporting                                           


  Demonstration at OGC TC Washington.

March 2016

  Final document submission   

August. 2016


There were regularily scheduled Technical and Management teleconferences.


Initiators include: Image Matters LLC, US Army Geospatial Center, Carl Reed, Compusult, and Luciad

Participants included:

Participating Member organizations are:
Brad Hards (Technical Lead)
Carl Reed (Initiative Manager)
Ordnance Survey
SAFE Software
Strategic Alliance Consulting (ER Editor)
University of Augsburg
Virginia Tech



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