Disasters Pilot 2019

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Disasters Resilience Pilot 2019

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The Disasters Resilience Pilot 2019 has completed.

Organized by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the Pilot was sponsored by US Geological Survey. The OGC Disasters Resilience Pilot 2019 focused on the demonstration of the usefulness of standards and SDI architecture within the Disaster community. This Pilot built on previous work that was executed as the Disasters Interoperability Concept Development Study (CDS) and was documented in the OGC Development of Disaster Spatial Data Infrastructures for Disaster Resilience.

This OGC initiative had active involvement by several OGC member organizations.

Goals of this pilot included:

  • To articulate the value of interoperability and to demonstrate the benefits of standards through pilot(s) and demonstrations.

  • To improve disaster planning and response capability

  • To develop Cookbook / User guides and demonstrations to support developers, analyst and other disasters stakeholders.

 The Disasters Resilience Pilot delivering User Guides (Cookbooks) and video (below) on accessing and integrating geospatial information from different sources and giving the …

Right Info to Right Person at Right Time

In addition, this pilot demonstrated how data standards help stakeholders and decision makers gain new and beneficial perspectives into social, economic, and environmental issues related to disasters.

The multiple User Guides focus on specific users and disaster scenarios. These scenarios may be an individual disaster or a cascading series as shown below.

Cascading Disaster Types

The final videos from the Demonstration are located below:



OGC Disasters Pilot


OGC Pilot Film



The Landslide – Early Response and Evacuation Under Limited Bandwidth (GIS.FCU)



Rapid Impact Assessment of Extreme Weather on Agricultural Productivity (GMU)



 Flood – Emergency Response and Impact Assessment (WHU)



Rapid Monitoring of Soil Moisture Saturation at Hurricane Landfall (GMU)


Using WES for Flood Disaster Response (Compusult)


Using WES for Hurricane Disaster Response (Compusult)


 Using WES for Wildfire Disaster Response (Compusult)


 Health SDI – Facilitating Emergency Health Response During a Disaster (HSR)


 Interoperability to Optimize Resource Allocation Across Flood Disaster Timelines (RSS-Hydro) 


 Rapid Flood Risk Mapping and Prediction (GMU)


Responding to Disasters Using a National SDI for a Ghana Flood (Image Matters)


Responding to Disasters Using a National SDI for a Columbian Wildfire (Image Matters)


Responding to Disasters Using a National SDI for a Haitian Hurricane (Image Matters)


Rapid Monitoring of Soil Moisture Saturation of Hurricane Landfall (GMU – Bangla Version)


Rapid Monitoring of Soil Moisture Saturation of Hurricane Landfall (GMU – Chinese Version)



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