CDB Vector Data in GeoPackage Interoperability Experiment

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The CDB Vector Data in GeoPackage Interoperability Experiment  has tested encodings of vector data via GeoPackage in the OGC CDB 1.1 Standard and Best Practices. A primary objective of this IE was to inform decision making for possible enhancements in the OGC CDB Standards Working Group (SWG). 


The proposed IE outcomes resulted in recommendations for changes to, alternatives to, or replacement of, the OGC CDB 1.1 Volume 1:  Core Standard (15-113r5) and OGC CDB 1.1 Volume 4: OGC CDB Best Practice use of Shapefiles for Vector Data Storage (16-070r3).  The proposed IE outcomes further resulted in recommendations for future work in the next major revision to the OGC CDB Standard and Best Practices (CDB 2.0).



Participants in this IE analyzed and/or perform one or more of the following experiments, and contribute to the IE Engineering Report.  Two ‘sample’ CDB datasets were in the process of being approved for release as resources to participants in this IE.


Experiment #1

The methodology involves:

Experiment #2

The methodology involves:

Experiment #3

The methodology involves: 

Experiment #4

The methodology involves:




Draft Schedule



OGC Architecture Board approval of Activity Plan:      December 2018

Press Release / Call for Participants:                              December 2018


Kickoff date (execution start date):                    January 24, 2019


IE Execution:                                                                   January 2019 – Apr 2019

Planned end date:                                                            April 2019

Wrap-up and Reporting

Demonstration by Webinar:                                           May/Jun 2019

Final document submission:                                          June 2019


If you are interested in commenting on or participating in this IE, please contact before January 21, 2019.

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