ESIP and OGC API – Coverages and Processing Analytics Sprint

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ESIP and OGC API – Coverages and Processing Analytics Sprint

Event Twitter Hashtag:  #OGCAnalyticsSprint

Start:  Monday, 6 January 2020 – 09:00

End:  Tuesday, 7 January 2020 – 17:00
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Event Description: 

The Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) are convening an agile development sprint to advance APIs for analytics on coverages, arrays, and gridded data. This will be a key event in the development of OGC APIs for geospatial resources and building blocks for community APIs. The event will be co-located with the 2020 ESIP Winter Meeting, which draws Earth Science data and information professionals from across the public, private, and academic sectors. A previous OGC API Hackathon in June 2019 advanced common elements across OGC APIs for Features, Coverages, Map Tiles, Processing and Catalogs. The next sprints are advancing specific elements of the individual APIs.

OGC has been developing a new generation of web API standards leveraging OpenAPI to document requirements for implementation. The OGC API – Coverages places the semantics of the Geospatial Coverages into an OpenAPI resource-oriented approach.  To date a basic access method for a coverage resource has been defined. OGC API – Coverages needs to be extended to include methods for analytics. Consistent with the OGC API approach, these coverage analytics methods are being made available as building blocks for reuse in APIs in any community.

Advancing specifications and methods for coverage analytics is called for in the OGC Geospatial Coverages Data Cubes Community Practice.  In that document, a Geospatial Coverage Data Cube supports analytics using either OGC WCS Processing Extension (WCS-P) and/or OGC Web Processing Service (WPS).  The document also calls for development for analytic interoperability, based on: Jupyter notebooks and Python scripting language; Array Databases, e.g., ISO/IEC 9075-15 SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays); xarray, GeoXarray and ZARR API; WCPS and WCS-P; and  OGC API – Coverages. Also relevant are the OGC NetCDF standard and extensions, the DAP/OPeNDAP specification and the RDF Data Cube with Geo-Spatial Extensions. These technologies will be considered in the API – Coverage Analytics Sprint.

An OGC Sprint is a collaborative and inclusive event driven by innovative and rapid programming with minimum process and organization constraints to support the development of new applications and candidate standards.

There will be an opportunity for joint discussion with all participants on the goals and objectives of the event, as well as the final briefing of findings and opinions of the participants. However, the majority of the time will be spent in collaboration between participants in active coding.

The Sprint will be run by the OGC API – Coverages Standards Working Group (SWG) chairs, the OGC API – Processing SWG Chairs, key leadership from the ESIP, additional leadership, and with support from OGC staff.

Attendance priority will be given to those with an implementation or desire to implement the specifications.

A limited amount of travel support is available. Please complete this form to apply.

Location: ESIP Winter Meeting, Bethesda Maryland, USA

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