3D Data Container and Tiles Pilot

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Final Participant Videos now publicly available on the OGC YouTube channel

Engineering Reports Now Published: Summary, API, Pilot

The goal of the 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot has been to explore an integrated suite of draft specifications for 3D geospatial resources, compatible with existing OGC 3D delivery standards such as the 3D Portrayal Service, I3S, and 3D Tiles Community Standard. This suite supports smooth transitions between 2D and 3D environments; allows applications working with 2D tiled resources to get 3D tiled resources; and enables 3D tile bounding volumes to support multiple data containers.

To achieve these goals, the Pilot developed a draft API that is compatible with the OGC API group of standards (and candidate standards) and which allows access to, and query of, 3D geospatial data, with a corresponding container format for streamed data delivery compatible with glTF. The Pilot funded a number of data server and client implementations to test the new API and data delivery. Further, the Pilot included an analysis of characteristics and capabilities of the new API in comparison with existing or emerging 2D standards.


The Call for Participation is still available ONLINE. A PDF version of the call is available online as well.



25 October 2019   Release of Call for Participation (CFP) – completed

09 December 2019   Responses due – completed

20 December 2019   Participant selection and agreements – completed

10 January 2020   Virtual Kick-off meeting – completed

31 March 2020   Draft Recommendations for 3D Tiles Container – completed

31 March 2020   Draft Recommendations for 3D Tiles OpenAPI – completed

15 May 2020   Draft TIEs Implemented – completed

22 May 2020 Draft Engineering Reports – completed

29 May 2020   TIEs completed – completed

5 June 2020   Draft Videos – completed

15 June TC 2020   Virtual Demonstration of results at June Member Meeting (3DIM session) – completed

30 June 2020  Engineering Report(s) due from Participants – completed

15 July 2020 Final Videos Due from Participants – completed

15 July 2020   Participant(s) Summary Report(s) due (to OGC) – completed

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