3D IoT Platform for Smart Cities Pilot

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The 3D IoT Platform for Smart Cities Pilot Engineering Report is now publicly available

View demo videos from the Pilot participants here

This initiative advanced the use of open standards for integrating environmental, building, and IoT data in Smart Cities. It focused on the capabilities to be supported by a 3D IoT Smart City Platform under CityGML, IndoorGML, and SensorThings API. Scenarios explored included real-time monitoring of micro-dust and indoor occupancy.


The goal of the pilot has been to advance the use of open standards for integrating environmental, building, and internet of things (IoT) data in Smart Cities. Under this initiative a proof of concept (PoC) has been conducted to better understand the capabilities to be supported by a 3D IoT Smart City Platform leveraging the following standards:

  • Outdoor 3D City Model: CityGML

  • Indoor: IndoorGML

  • Geo-IoT: SensorThings API

The scenarios selected to demonstrate this concept included:

  • Real-time monitoring of indoor occupancy (IndoorGML + SensorThings)

  • Real-time monitoring of PM2.5 micro-dust (CityGML + SensorThings)


Smart cities are communities where information technology and data are used to address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Smart Cities solutions are both popular for improving city livability, and necessary for responding to trends such as climate change and increasing urbanization.

Sejong City, founded in 2007 is the new administrative city of South Korea. Sejong 5-1 (A District) is the site of a wide-ranging Smart City Initiative, led by the Korea Land and Housing (LH) Corporation. Projects under this initiative include the following:

  • AR/VR Service (Smart City Experience Zone)

  • Smart Street

  • Smart Park

  • Smart Facilities

A video of the Sejong City Smart City Initiative is available on  YouTube.

The Korea Land and Housing (LH) Corporation sponsored this OGC pilot that complemented the work being advanced in the Sejong Smart City Initiative.

Participating Organizations 

The following organizations were selected as initiative participants. Each participating organization had specific deliverables and tasks based on their responses to the Call for Participation.

  • Helyx SIS
  • Gaia3D, Inc.
  • Steinbeis Transferzentrum Technische Beratung an der HFT Stuttgart
  • SensorUp Inc.
  • Feng Chia University (GIS.FCU)
  • Skymantics


Milestone Activity Date

Call for Participation

Call for Participation (CfP) release


Proposals due Call for Participation

CfP responses due


Selection of Participants and Bidder Notifications 



Participation Agreements






Prototype Development


02-Oct-2019 to 28-Feb-2020

Initial Test and Integration Testing



Engineering Report Draft




OGC Technical Meeting in Asia

March 2020

Final Engineering Report



Demonstrations are planned for the June virtual TC and for Asia will likely occur physically or virtually in Korea from in August 2020.


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