OGC Testbed-18

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Update 22 April 2022: Thanks a lot for all your proposals! We have started negotiations with bidders and will get in contact with you soon. Negotiations for three tasks, 3D+ Data Standards and StreamingMachine Learning Training Datasets, and Moving Features and Sensor Integration will start a bit later this month as we are waiting for final sponsor contracts to come in. 
Update 26 April 2022: We are in the final negotiations stage with bidders for the first four tasks that will kick-off May 3-5, 2022 in a virtual meeting. Please find the tentative schedule for this meeting below.

1. Help Boosting Location Interoperability

OGC Testbeds are OGC’s largest Innovation Program (IP) initiatives. Testbeds boost research and development to make location data and information more FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-Usable. Testbeds provide a unique opportunity for sponsors to tackle location data and processing challenges together with the world’s leading geospatial IT experts.

As part of the Testbed development process, challenges put forth by sponsoring organizations are refined and mapped to a set of work items that OGC member organizations will compete to address. The Innovation Program team, together with the Testbed sponsors, will then select the most qualified organizations to join Testbed-18. In a collaborative effort, all Testbed participants, sponsors, and the OGC team work jointly on the goal to stepwise increase Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) of geospatial IT solutions, including software architecture, interface design, information and data models, as well as any related standards and specifications.

2. Synergistic Effects

OGC Testbeds provide a unique opportunity to explore technologies that appear disconnected at first glance. Combining these technologies in a single initiative and bringing several sponsors together allows us to create an interoperability environment that comes much closer to real-world situations. In consequence, Testbeds allow leveraging an outstanding quality of synergetic effects and address challenges that require collaboration among several sponsors and experts from member organizations.

As multi-sponsor initiatives, Testbeds benefit from synergistic effects caused by overlapping interests. Sponsorship for individual tasks can be shared across sponsors, which enables the Testbed to explore new technology more deeply and ensures more realistic use cases and scenarios. The IP team collects the sponsors' areas of interest early in the process and shares the full picture among all sponsors. This allows sponsors to identify common interests and leads to more efficient use of the available resources.

To start the discussion process, this OGC Testbed-18 Call for Sponsors provides suggestions for the upcoming Testbed-18. The suggestions reflect recent discussions in Testbed-17 and other OGC Innovation Program initiatives as well as requirements collected from direct conversations with geospatial scientists, software architects, and practitioners. The following listed suggestions are by no means exhaustive and will be complemented with additional requirements as identified by sponsoring organizations.

3. Call for Participation

The Call for Participation is in its final round of revision. We plan to relese the Call for Particiation on this website on Feburary 7th, 2022. The call will feature six amazing topics that all help building new levels of interoperability and get us prepared for the challenges to come!

4. Testbed Kick-Off Agenda and Project Timeline

This is the tentative schedule for the virtual kick-off meeting. Further details like call-in numbers will provided closer to the event. 

The following timeline highlights all major milestones of Testbed-18.

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5. Call to Action

Interested? If you have any questions, please contact the OGC team via the OGC Innovation Program contact form. The response bidding platform is now open: Please find the call here: HTML and PDF. Deadline for responses is March 17th, 2022! The bidders portal to submit a response is linked from within the Call for Participation. A bidders webinar is planned for February 24th. Details will be provided on this website. Deadline for responses is March 17th, 2022.