Sensor Design Considerations for UAS Platforms: A User's Perspective - GeoTech 2015

Wednesday, 2015-09-23
Thursday, 2015-09-24

Interest in UAS has exploded over the past three years. With the assimilation of UAS into the commercial sector, platform and payload manufacturers are hastily scoping out the current and future requirements for sensors suitable for remote sensing and geospatial data creation. To facilitate these developments, the Potomac Region is bringing together the UAS platform and payload community with consumers of data generated using UAS systems for remote sensing at its annual GeoTech 2015 event.

ASPRS is uniquely positioned to help generate requirements from an application point of view, which will then support and assist the technical design direction for UAS-hosted sensors. ASPRS is a credible partner in this endeavor since its mission is to promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors in the disciplines of photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. Additionally, ASPRS has developed standards used in the production of digital geospatial data. These include the Accuracy Standards for Aerial Triangulation and Ground Control Points, Vertical Accuracy Standards for Elevation Data, and Horizontal Accuracy Requirements for Elevation Data, among others.

Other important UAS standards include the OGC's Sensor Web Enablement standards. Dr. Scott Serich, Director, Interoperality Programs at OGC and Sam Bacharach, Consultant at WiSC Enterprises, LLC, will lead a technical session at GeoTech, "Data Standards for UAS Sensor Data".

GeoTech 2015 will take place at George Mason University on September 23-24, 2015See Preliminary Schedule.

GeoTech 2015 is bringing together the platform and payload community with consumers of data generated using UAS systems.

UAS Remote Sensing

Planned Topics

  • Platforms
  • Sensors
  • Infrastructure Applications
  • Energy/Resource Applications
  • Environmental Applications
  • Agriculture Applications


  • Technical Breakout Sessions
  • Round Tables
  • Workshops
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Posters
  • Exhibits
  • Networking

Secure online registration for Geotech 2015 is now open. Go here to register http://asprspotomac.org/?p=333

INSPIRE-GWF 2015 (Geospatial World Forum)

Monday, 2015-05-25
Friday, 2015-05-29

The theme of this year's conference is "CONVERGENCE: Policies + Practices + Processes via Public Private Partnerships". The conference aims to address the need for greater coordination among policy-makers, technology providers and users to benefit the industry, and to highlight geospatial workflows as an enabler for successful PPPs by facilitating more informed decision making among the stakeholders. 

OGC Member involvement

The OGC as Strategic Partner is involved on various levels in the conference and will present in various sessions with a focus on open standards. Additionally many OGC members will provide updates on actual standards developments and use of OGC standards in their projects. Some of these are listed below:

CNR (Italian National Research Council) staff Lorenzo Bigagli presents on 28th May at the Open Data track about "Open Access to Research Data - Perspectives from the RECODE Project".

Epsilon Italia will be exhibiting in the eENVplus booth (#26), represented by Giacomo Martirano, who will be present the whole week. Giacomo will present at the Urban Energy workshop on Monday 25th. He will also present “An On-line Executable Test Suite to Validate Annex I-II-III INSPIRE Datasets” (co-author Luis Bermudez) on Tuesday 26th at the eENVplus workshop (Friday 29th)

Esri will be a corporate sponsor and have a booth. Damian Spangrud, Esri Director of Solutions, will deliver a keynote in Plenary 3. Esri will Co-sponsor and present at the LIS & Smart Cities Workshop. Esri will also have a dedicated workshop entitled “INSPIRE – From compliance to maximizing use in an open innovation ecosystem". In addition, an Esri representative will present a paper in one of the Standards & Interoperability sessions entitled, "GIS Data Models for INSPIRE and ELF".

GET will be exhibiting, with Gabriel Mavrellis and Thodoris Vakkas in attendance. Thodoris will present on Thursday 28th May between 09:00 and 12:30 (exact time is not fixed yet) and also will present a case study at the workshop organized by Boundless on Wednesday 27th May, 14.00-17.30.

Jacobs University staff Peter Baumann presents on "The EarthServer Initiative: Analyzing Massive Spatio-Temporal Datacubes" on Wednesday, 27th May.

lat/lon will be be exhibiting (booth No 45) with two other companies and organised the workshop on INSPIRE GIS on Thursday, 28th May.  Sebastian Goerke will additionally present on "implementing INSPIRE Validation and Conformity Testing Tools with Open Source Software" at the Open Source track on Tuesday, 27th May.

Natural Resources Canada will have a presence at INSPIRE-GWF. Prashant Shukle,  Director General of NRCan's Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, will be giving a plenary presentation entitled "The Value of Geomatics - Emerging Opportunities for the Public Sector". Eric Loubier, Director, GeoBase Canada Division will present on "Engaging the Policy Analyst - Integrating Location into Canada's Public Policy" within the Geospatial Policies track. And Cynthia Mitchell of the Federal Geospatial Platform Initiative, Earth Sciences Sector, Natural Resources Canada will be giving a presentation within the Open Data track, entitled: "Platforms, Policies and the Public - Integration of Canada's Geospatial Data and the Open Government Portal".

27th International Cartographic Conference Pre-conference workshop on Spatial data infrastructures, standards, open source and open data for geospatial (SDI-Open 2015)

Thursday, 2015-08-20
Friday, 2015-08-21

This workshop aims to record examples of current SDI practice with an aim to identify benefits and challenges to implementing free and open source software for geospatial, geographic information standards and open (spatial) data in an SDI.

Submit your abstracts by March 2, 2015!

27th International Cartographic Conference 16th General Assembly

Sunday, 2015-08-23
Friday, 2015-08-28

The ICC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro will be an opportunity to reflect on how the fields of Cartography and Geoinformation Science are becoming more relevant than ever. Without maps we would be "spatially blind". Knowledge about spatial relations and location of objects is extremely important for enabling economic development, managing and administering land, handling disasters and crisis situations or simply to show individuals the best way to get to a specific place. The conference will gather cartography and GI science experts, governmental authorities, commercial cartography representatives, academics and students of Geoinformation (and related fields such as computer science, cognitive sciences or remote sensing), designers and artists, VGI and crowdsourcing activists. To sum it up, it will be an event for all those who are interested in the relevance, the attractiveness and the contemporaneity of maps and cartography! As the world authoritative body for cartography and GI Science, ICA is very pleased that Brazil, one of the most dynamic member states of ICA, is working hard to host the global community of Cartography and GI Science at ICC 2015. 

OGC and Fraunhofer IOSB Workshop at ISCRAM 2015: Geospatial ICT Support for Crisis Management and Response

Sunday, 2015-05-24
Sunday, 2015-05-24

The ISCRAM 2015 conference, 24-27 May in Kristiansand, Norway, will provide a platform that stimulates discussions and strives to find answers that enable the design of information systems for better crisis and emergency management. 

AT ISCRAM 2015, the OGC and Fraunhofer IOSB workshop, Geospatial ICT Support for Crisis Management and Response, will be held on the afternoon of May 24, 2015.

Call for participation

Efficient crisis response and management requires well-informed actors and stakeholders and effective means for communication and policy enforcement. A secure and dependable geospatial information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure may be an indispensable aid if it is tailored to the needs of the respective risk and crisis management phases and the various users.

During an ISCRAM 2015 workshop experts of the risk and crisis management community will meet software architects and engineers of the geospatial domain. It shall launch a discussion forum between ISCRAM and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), especially its Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) domain working group.

You are invited to contribute to this workshop by providing a one page scenario description out of the crisis and response management domain which will finally be entered into a use case server at according to a pre-defined template. The scenario shall be written from a user’s and/or stakeholder’s point of view, but motivate and claim an urgent and challenging need for geospatial ICT support exceeding current capabilities in terms of functionality or quality. Furthermore, the scenario shall identify the actors, their roles, the geographic and temporal scope as well as the type of disaster.

A maximum of five authors will be selected to present and discuss their scenario at the workshop. ICT experts of the geospatial domain will present existing service and data model capabilities. A facilitated discussion will identify the requirements and map them to future ICT capabilities in the light of emerging technological trends.

Interested representatives of both communities may participate to the workshop also without submission of a scenario.

The deadline for submissions is February 15th, 2015

Please plan to attend, and send your scenarios to the workshop co-chairs:

Dr. Thomas Usländer, Fraunhofer IOSB
Head of Department Information Management and Production Control (ILT)  
thomas.uslaender [at] iosb.fraunhofer.de

Dr. Ingo Simonis, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Director of Interoperability Programs and Science
isimonis [at] opengeospatial.org


Sunday, 2014-08-17
Thursday, 2014-08-21


Hydroinformatics is a strongly inter-disciplinary field, which links water and environmental problems with various computational modelling methods and fast developing information and communication technologies. Especially the need to standardize and harmonize data protocols and descriptions has prompted many researchers to seek approaches and solutions to overcome data and communication heterogeneity aimed at increased levels of interoperability between different data systems. Hence, a special focus of this conference will be the assessment of the current state of the development of data management (in the broadest sense) approaches that address important aspects related to data storage, data curation, data interoperability, data registration, data provenance, data stewardship, and data annotations. 

 This event is the latest in a well-established series of bi-annual Hydroinformatics conferences started in the early nineties. Furthermore this conference is supported by three world-leading international organisations, IAHR (International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research), IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Sciences) and IWA (International Water Association). 

 OGC-related events at HIC2014:

  • Ulrich Looser will give a presentation titled, "International Standardisation of Water Information Exchange: Activities of the WMO/OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group".
  • Ilyz Zaslavski with lead a workshop on "Hydrology Domain Working Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium and the World Meteorological Organization." - Session: R02: Semantic Integration in Water Resources. Session date/time: 17/Aug/2014, 1:30pm - 3:15pm.

International Workshop on Spatial Data and Map Quality

Tuesday, 2015-01-20
Wednesday, 2015-01-21

A number of international groups and organisations actively involved in spatial data and map quality issues are organizing a two-day international workshop aimed at providing innovative and original contribution to the ongoing debate on spatial data and map quality issues and at improving the process of knowledge transfer by means of the development of new techniques and methods for quality assessment of spatial data sets and the maps produced.

Download workshop announcement for further details. Please direct any queries to carol.agius [at] mepa.org.mt (subject: Query%3A%20International%20Workshop%20on%20Spatial%20Data%20and%20Map%20Quality%20) (Carol Agius).


Abstracts (500 - 100 words) using the approved template (.docx format) can be uploading on-line here.

Acceptance for an oral presentation, poster, or software demonstration at the workshop will be announced by 31st October 2014.

Deadline for long abstract/full paper is 31st December 2014.


Registration for the workshop is not yet open, it will open in September 2014.

Joint SIG 3D and OGC Workshop on CityGML ADE for a building data model for urban energy simulation (Energy ADE)

Tuesday, 2014-05-27
Tuesday, 2014-05-27

The OGC CityGML SWG, the SIG 3D, and Hochschule fuer Technik Stuttgart will host a joint workshop to gather requirements, ideas, suggestions, and positive as well as negative experience from CityGML users, data producers, software vendors, and scientists developing and using a CityGML Energy Application Domain Extension. Aim of the workshop is to discuss and define a harmonized version of a CityGML EnergyADE and other development tools like libraries for wide spread use in the development of applications in the energy sector. The workshop will take place on the 27th of May, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany. Further information on the venue can be found here: Venue.

In the recent years many research groups, companies, and users intensively worked with CityGML on energy topics. In order to promote the use of CityGML in the energy sector e.g. for individual, quarter wide or city wide computations and simulations a coordinated and harmonized version of a EnergyADE is desirable. Participants are invited to communicate their experience in short presentations and to introduce their concepts or modifications or share their experience gained from practical application of CityGML in the energy sector.

Location Intelligence Summit 2014

Monday, 2014-05-19
Wednesday, 2014-05-21

Directions Magazine, Oracle Corporation, HERE, A Nokia Company, and The Eclipse Foundation are collaborating to offer a multi-track event over two and one-half days in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The focus is the expanding ecosystem of location intelligence in business and government.

Our theme this year, Location Analytics and Visual Data Discovery … New Pathways to Business Intelligence, reflects the demand by businesses and government to analyze a variety location-based information especially mobile sensors, social media, indoor positioning technology … all leading to a greater volume and velocity expected from myriad data sources.

Our goal is to provide a forum for technology solution providers that are developing new tools to quickly analyze these “big data” challenges and offer applications in a secure, cloud architecture.

Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the emerging ecosystem of location intelligence.