Public comment requested: Core Tiling Conceptual and Logical Models Abstract Specification Topic

Please note:  This Request is scheduled to close on 20th February 2020
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Tuesday, 2020-01-21
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Thursday, 2020-02-20


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is seeking public comment on the Abstract Specification Topic ‘Core Tiling Conceptual and Logical Models.’ The Abstract Specification defines a tiling conceptual model as well as a logical model for tiling 2-D planar space based on the conceptual model.

Numerous OGC standards specify some type of tiling scheme. These standards include Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS), CDB, and GeoPackage. There have also been a number of OGC Innovation Initiatives focused on tiling and tiling schemes. However, a general tiling conceptual model and related logical model for two-dimensional Euclidean (aka planar) space - the most common tiling approach for geospatial technologies - have not been defined. 

The general tiling conceptual model described in the Abstract Specification is applicable to space with any number of dimensions. The conceptual model makes no assumptions regarding content, use cases, implementation scenarios, or how the space is to be tiled. 

As one or more logical models are required to provide the requirements and structure necessary for implementation, the Abstract Specification also specifies a core logical model for the two-dimensional Euclidean use case. 

Across geospatial technologies, the tiling of two-dimensional Euclidean space is the most common approach for partitioning space. However, there are common elements and semantics across any approach to partitioning a space of any number of dimensions. The logical model described in the Tiling Abstract Specification therefore defines this set of common required elements and then follows with more specific requirements for the two-dimensional case.

Other Parts that specify additional logical models, such as for three-dimensional Euclidean space, may be added in the future.


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