OGC is seeking data and services for the Testbed 13: Mass Migration

Please note:  This Request closed on 15 March 2017.
Open Date: 
Wednesday, 2017-02-15
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 2017-03-15


15 February 2017: As part of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC®) Testbed 13, the OGC is requesting information to identify, assess, and gather the current state and available geospatial data and services about the Europe and Middle East regions that may be used to support the development, testing, and demonstration of OGC standards and technologies advanced during Testbed 13.

OGC Testbed 13 participants will implement services, access data, and demonstrate capabilities using the services and data identified during this RFI. The overarching theme for Testbed 13 is mass population migration. The Testbed aims to understand and document how information sharing & safeguarding tools and practices - including open geospatial standards - can enable cross-domain interoperability on an international level for structured communication exchange and border surveillance to assist law enforcement and humanitarian aid operations.

The demonstration scenario for Testbed 13 will focus on addressing challenges related to the coordination of multi-regional/national operations arising from the current exodus of people from the Middle East to Europe. This includes any messaging related to the displacement and mass movement of populations in response to conflict.

As an OGC Innovation Program initiative, Testbed 13 will investigate and develop new or enhanced OGC web service or encoding specifications over a wide variety of technology work areas. These technologies will be tested and demonstrated in an architecture and a deployed environment in support of the mass migration theme, as shown in the following diagram:


A wide variety of source data or data provider services available for public use are needed to support the scenarios and use cases associated with this Testbed. As such, OGC is looking for your help in providing us with information on the availability of these data and services. The following is a partial list of types of source data or services, required over the area of interest, that could support the development of, and testing in, Testbed 13:


  • Map data and/or services
  • Feature data and/or services, such as road networks, rivers, water bodies or water sources, jurisdictional boundaries, etc.
  • Satellite imagery and/or services
  • Predictive model related data, such as base and ancillary data as well as outputs of predictive models
  • Medical and Health facilities and locations (or could be part of other feature data sources or services)
  • Recommendations for additional source data or services that provide data of various types across the region of interest, are available for public use, and could support the scenario, development, and testing in Testbed 13, are welcome and encouraged.

    For more information on Testbed 13, view the Call for Participation at http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/requests/154. The RFI is available and instructions on how to submit responses to, or questions concerning, the RFI are available in the download below. Responses to the RFI are due by 15 March 2017.



    Request for Information on Testbed 13 Data and Services (pdf)