Geographic Objects

OpenGIS Geographic Objects Implementation Specification *RETIRED*

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1) Overview

*THIS STANDARD HAS BEEN RETIRED* The OpenGIS® Geographic Objects Interface Standard (GOS) provides an open set of common, lightweight, language-independent abstractions for describing, managing, rendering, and manipulating geometric and geographic objects within an application programming environment. It provides both an abstract object standard (in UML) and a programming-language-specific profile (in Java). The language-specific bindings serve as an open Application Program Interface (API).

2) Downloads

Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 1.0.0 OpenGIS Geographic Objects Implementation Specification *RETIRED*  03-064r10  Retired
 0.5.0 GO-1 Application Objects  03-064r5  D-RP
 0.2.0 GO-1 Application Objects Report  03-064r1  D-DP


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