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Drought is a slow-rolling disaster, a deficit that grows and spreads slowly, drives many impacts both expected and unexpected, and may relent equally slowly despite the arrival of wetter weather and seasons. Climate trends increasingly obscure whether a drought condition is just an interval of scarcity to be endured or a new normal of moisture levels and water supplies that requires longer term adaptation through hard choices and substantial investments.

Drought awareness drawn from a range of geospatially integrated earth observations and model predictions is essential to effectively track, prepare for, adapt to, mitigate, and recover from drought conditions. Drought information is not, though, enough. Equally critical is awareness of the consequences of drought, whether scarcity of water supplies, higher risks of wildfires, reduction of crop harvests, constriction of energy generation, or devastation of fragile ecosystems. Risk and vulnerability assessments for drought consequences can be problematic as scientific and observational issues, but also as data access, integration, reliability, and interoperability challenges.

OGC members from across the globe have been addressing these challenges and publishing resources to promote awareness of drought and its consequences among their customers, governments, and the affected public. We’ve collected and organized links to some of those resources to help you towards better awareness and more informed action. This will also be a place on the web to learn more about the innovation and data sharing solution activities being pursued by OGC members to apply collaborative, standards-based problem solving methods in this domain.

OGC members are the leaders in the field of geospatial data, technology, and research. Their use of OGC standards and best practices enable the seamless, interoperable sharing and use of information resources brought together by location - in turn connecting people, communities, technology, and decision making for the good of society.

Please Note: OGC doesn’t guarantee that all data and resources linked below will be available on a permanent basis or that the data will be suitable for all applications and use cases (but we encourage their providers to do their best).

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Drought-and-Water-Scarcity-Specific Information

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Cartographic examples and advice

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Technical papers and references

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