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Understanding the reach of the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to population, infrastructure, and other location-enabled information is key to being prepared, making good decisions, and keeping citizens and their communities informed enough to be able to respond to the crisis. In the wake of the pandemic, OGC members from across the globe have been publishing resources to inform their customers, their governments, and the public at large. We've collated the below list of geospatial / location data and services to help you better understand the impact of SARS-CoV-2 - aka the coronavirus.

OGC members are the leaders in the field of geospatial data, technology, and research. Their use of OGC standards and practices enable the seamless, interoperable use of disparate geospatial resources - in turn connecting people, communities, technology, and decision making for the good of society. 

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OGC does not guarantee that all data will be available on a permanent basis or that the data are suitable for all use cases. The resources are added as they come in (in no particular order).

Base Maps and Context

COVID-19-Specific Information

Other Dashboard and Maps

Cartographic examples and advice

Technical papers and references

Requests for Experts

US FEMA is looking for 10-20 expert data analysts to support the COVID-19 crisis response. The analysis could fill a variety of roles and would be expected to have strong technical skills. POC: Jamie Wolff and Ken Ambrose (James.A.Wolff [at], ken.ambrose [at]


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