OGC Implementing/Compliant Product Details

INdicio Product Details

Name: INdicio
Version: R2
Type: Server
Implemented: 2011-08-15
Platform(s): Windows, Linux
Contact: Lake, Ronald - Galdos Systems Inc
Implemented Specifications / Interfaces / Alternatives OGC Compliance Status
Catalogue Services - ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) profile of CSW 1.0.0Implementing
 Feature Type Catalogue Extension Package for ebRIM (ISO/TS 15000-3) Profile of CSW 2.0 0.1Implementing
CSW-ebRIM Registry Service - Part 1: ebRIM profile of CSW 1.0.1Implementing
Filter Encoding 1.0Implementing
Filter Encoding Implementation Specification 1.1Implementing
Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Specification 3.1.1Implementing
OWS-4 CSW ebRIM Modelling Guidelines IPR 0.0.6Implementing