OGC Implementing/Compliant Product Details

xHindge Web Portal Software Pattern Product Details

Name: xHindge Web Portal Software Pattern
Version: 3.1
Type: Client and Server
Implemented: 2001-01-05
URL: Product Website
Platform(s): Microsoft Framework 2.0 and J2EE
Contact: Pandya, Gautam - bConverge.com
Implemented Specifications / Interfaces / Alternatives OGC Compliance Status
Geospatial Portal Reference Architecture 0.2Implementing
GML 3.2 image geopositioning metadata application schema 0.0.0Implementing
OGC Web Services SOAP Experiment Report 0.8Implementing
OWS 2 Common Architecture: WSDL SOAP UDDI 1.0Implementing
WCS Change Request: Support for WSDL & SOAP 0.1.0Implementing
Web Services Architecture 0.3Implementing