OGC Implementing/Compliant Product Details

Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Control Product Details

Name: Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Control
Version: 9.0
Type: Client (Desktop, Mobile, or Web)
Implemented: 2018-11-05
URL: Product Website
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Contact: Daly, Martin - Cadcorp
Implemented Specifications / Interfaces / Alternatives OGC Compliance Status
Catalogue Service Implementation Specification 2.0.2Implementing
Filter Encoding 1.0Implementing
Filter Encoding 2.0 Encoding Standard 2.0Implementing
Filter Encoding Implementation Specification 1.1Implementing
Geography Markup Language 2.1.1Implementing
Geography Markup Language 2.1.2Implementing
Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard 3.2.1Implementing
GeoPackage Encoding Standard 1.0Implementing
GeoPackage Encoding Standard 1.1Implementing
GeoPackage Encoding Standard 1.2Implementing
GeoPackage Encoding Standard - With Corrigendum 1.0.1Implementing
GeoRSS Encoding Standard 1.0Implementing
GeoRSS, An Introduction to 1.0.0Implementing
GML in JPEG 2000 (GMLJP2) Encoding Standard Part 1: Core 2.0Implementing
Implementation Specification for Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 2: SQL option 1.1Implementing
Implementation Specification for Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 2: SQL option 1.2.1Implementing
KML 2.2.0Implementing
OGC® GeoPackage Encoding Standard - with Corrigendum 1.2.1Implementing
PDF Geo-registration Encoding Best Practice Version 2.2 1.1Implementing
Web Coverage Service (WCS) Implementation Specification (Corrigendum) 1.0.0Implementing
Web Feature Service 1.0.0Implementing
Web Feature Service (WFS) Implementation Specification 1.1.0Implementing
Web Feature Service 2.0 Interface Standard (also ISO 19142) 2.0Implementing
Web Map Context Implementation Specification 1.1Implementing
Web Map Service 1.0Implementing
Web Map Service 1.1.1Implementing
Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification 1.3.0Implementing
Web Map Service Client (WMS) Implementation Specification 1.3.0Implementing
Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard 1.0.0Implementing