OGC Implementing/Compliant Product Details

DSOSRI Product Details

Version: 1.0
Type: Client and Server
Implemented: 2016-02-26
Contact: Emerson, Jill - Riverside Research/Scitor
Implemented Specifications / Interfaces / Alternatives OGC Compliance Status
Sensor Observation Service Interface Standard 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Core 2.0Implementing
 SOS - GetFeatureOfInterest KVP Binding 2.0Implementing
 SOS - KVP Binding Extension 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Observation Insertion 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Observation Retrieval By ID 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Sensor Deletion 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Sensor Insertion 2.0Implementing
 SOS - SOAP 2.0Implementing
 SOS - Spatial Filtering Profile 2.0Implementing
 SOS - XML Encoding 2.0Implementing
 SOS Feature of Interest Retrieval 2.0Implementing
 SOS Insertion Capabilities 2.0Implementing
SWE Common Data Model Encoding Standard 2.0Implementing
SWE Service Model Implementation Standard 2.0Implementing