Below is information about products that implement OGC Standards. Learn how a "registered product" is different from an "OGC compliant" product. There are also links here to OGC Cookbooks and demonstrations of products that implement OGC Standards.


OGC Compliant Products

Visit the OGC Compliant Products page to see a list of products that are OGC Compliant.


All Registered Products

Here you will find the official list of publicly available software products that have implemented OGC standards. OGC certified products are highlighted in green. OGC certified products have passed the OGC compliance tests and also obtained the OGC Trademark License.

Product providers: Any product provider who implements an OGC standard can register the product at no charge, and that product will then appear on this list. Register your product or update your product information here. Learn more about how to get your product certified.

A reference implementation* is an implementation that is free and publicly available to developers for testing purposes. See our Reference Implementations page.

If you are a vendor, you may register your products at this site, at no cost.


OGC Cookbooks

OGC Cookbooks are free, online, easy-to-use technical documents for developers.


Reference Implementations for OGC Standards

Many, but not all, OGC standards have been implemented in reference implementations that are freely available from the OGC for use by developers.



On-line demonstrations of OGC standards and interoperable software.