OGC Web Services Testbed, Phase 9 (OWS-9)

Advancing Geospatial Solutions to New Frontiers

OWS-9 Demonstration Overview

OGC Interoperability Program

Reduced Risk - More Choice - New Technology - Lower Cost

OGC is the only international organization that brings industry players together to help organizations manage risks and difficulties that relate to communication about real-world location and mobility. The OGC combines rapid prototyping, standards development, coordination with other standards organizations, and aggressive standards marketing to address users' challenging integration problems.

Over the last 18 years, the OGC's private sector, government and academic members have developed a unique and proven process that saves everyone time and money while creating new business opportunities and driving innovation. The Interoperability Program includes plugfests, pilots and our annual OGC Web Services (OWS) testbed.

OWS-9 – Tremendous Return on Investment

  • Aviation:

    The Aviation world gets modern, web-accessible Aeronautical Information Services that can adapt as technology changes.

  • Cross-Community Interoperability (CCI):

    Communities sharing spatial data get a better location search capability, improved ability to track data's origins, real-time fusion of data from multiple sensors, and a standard for a Global Gazetteer capable of real-time translation of spatial semantics.

  • Security and Services Interoperability (SSI):

    Communities sharing spatial data get recommendations for Security Management, a way to automate the creation of implementable data schemas from abstract models, easier use of OGC Web Services, methods for more efficient design of architectures, and a standard that helps users manage large spatial databases that are being edited by intermittently-connected mobile device users.

  • OGC Web Services (OWS) innovations:

    2 Cutting edge areas requiring the most experimental, research-oriented approaches

  • Compliance Testing:

    For everyone, new OGC compliance tests and improved interoperability for systems that use OGC standards in providing location services and mobile apps.