Request for Quotations (RFQ)


Call for Participation (CFP)


OGC Testbed 10

Completely Unofficial Response Quickstart

RFQ Issuance Date: 15 July 2013

Proposal Due Date: 26 August 2013

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This guide has been written to lower the barrier of entry to OGC Testbed 10 participation. Providing a short roadmap for navigating the RFQ is important for encouraging organizations that have no previous OGC Testbed experience reduce the time required to respond, and feel more confident that their responses fulfill the requirements of the RFQ. However, this document should not be seen as a replacement for any of the material found in the official RFQ.

1Read the Response Templates

First understand what your response should look like by reviewing the reponse templates OGC provides. There are two:

2Study the Technical Requirements

The work that will be performed in the Testbed is described in the Annex B "thread" sections:

You can participate in as few or as many of these threads as you would like.

3Review the Rest

Annexes A, C, and D provide important information about how the Testbed works, and what will be required of you during it. You should definitely be aware of this information and be ready to adhere to those guidelines if you join the Testbed.

4Ask Questions


Follow the instructions on the main page to submit your response. Especially Section 3, "Proposal Submission Information."