GEOSS Infrastructure Enhancements
Outcomes of the Architecture Implementation Pilot AIP-5

Overview of AIP-5

AIP-5 is the fifth in the series of GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilots, initiated to develop and pilot a new process and infrastructure components for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and the broader GEOSS architecture through an evolutionary development process.

AIP-5 increased access to Information for Societal Benefits (SBA) through scenarios developed Disasters Management, Health, Water, Energy and Agriculture.

AIP-5 focused on Data Sharing (user management, GEOSS Data-CORE licenses & authentication) and research in support of the GCI and GEO Task IN-03 (further enhancements to the Discovery and Access Broker and present Enabler Applications to GCI users that access data discovered through GCI and can exploit data to meet SBA user needs). The AIP-5 Call for Participation can be found here.

AIP-5 was organized in two major activities:

  • Activity #1 Societal Benefit Areas
  • Activity #2 Technical topics