Food Security in the Arctic

Food Security Policy Demonstration Policy Workbench

“Food security is a significant issue in the Arctic and the principal challenges to food security across the Arctic are: high cost often coupled with economic vulnerability and decreasing consumption of country foods. Exacerbating these challenges are major issues linked to: contaminants and climate change.” - Food Security across the Arctic, Background paper of the Steering Committee of the Circumpolar Inuit Health Strategy Inuit Circumpolar Council – Canada, May 2012.

Governments and NGOs are continually assessing and monitoring the situation to ensure a sufficient food supply for Arctic residents. Food security policy depends on the sharing and interoperability of spatial data. For this pilot, a demonstration policy workbench was developed which allows policy workers to monitor issues, assess situations, analyse data and review progress. The workbench allows easy addition of issues and simple accumulation of interoperable data sources - all within a web browser.