OGC Testbed-19

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The Call for Sponsors is now availalbe. Download the PDF here

Testbed-19: Interoperability and Collaboration from Oceans to Space

Overview and Benefits

OGC Testbeds are OGC’s largest Collaborative Solution and Innovation (COSI) Program initiatives The COSI Program is formerly known as the Innovation Program. Testbeds boost research and development to make location data and information more FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-Usable. Additionally, testbeds provide a unique opportunity for sponsors to tackle location data and processing challenges together with the world’s leading geospatial IT experts.

Testbed Sponsor benefits include:

  • Outsource research to global consortium of geospatial experts
  • Cost share with others - Higher ROI for each sponsor
  • Reduce technology risk
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Show leadership Influence capabilities and tools

Challenges put forth by sponsoring organizations are refined and mapped to a set of work items that OGC member organizations will compete to address. The COSI team together with the OGC member sponsors will then select the most qualified organizations to join Testbed-19. In a collaborative effort, all Testbed participants, sponsors, and the OGC team work jointly on the goal to stepwise increase Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) of geospatial IT solutions, including software architecture, interface design, information and data models, as well as related standards and specifications.

Access the OGC Testbed-19 Call for Sponsors here

Technical Scope

Building on the success and outcomes of Testbed-18 and Testbed-17, as well as other ongoing COSI initiatives, OGC is now starting the preparation of Testbed-19.

The following technology areas have been identified in early conversations with sponsors, geospatial data experts, and OGC members. This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome additional topics.

Testbed Timeline

The development of Testbed topics is a collaborative process between OGC and interested sponsors. During the first phase (November, December, January), sponsors and the OGC team work together to refine use cases and requirements on the sponsor side and transform these into actual work items. Each work item will be assigned to an OGC member organization for implementation during the Testbed-19 execution phase. Once these discussions are complete, OGC will develop a Call for Participation that is planned to be released to the public in early February. After a 45-day response period, OGC together with the sponsors will select the best participants based on the received proposals to form the Testbed-19 team. The execution phase, the phase of system design, rapid prototyping, testing, and documentation will be executed from May to December 2023.

Call to Action

Interested in Sponsoring? Please contact Marge Cole and Trent Tinker via email at innovation [at] org.org or you may use the OGC COSI Program contact form found here. Please contact us to express your interest no later than December 15, 2022.