Data Preservation DWG


Maso Pau, Joan (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CREAF))

Group Description:

The purpose of the Data Preservation DWG is to provide a venue and mechanism for seeking technical and institutional solutions to the challenge of preserving digital geospatial data.

The charter of this Domain Working Group is to address technical and institutional challenges posed by data preservation, to interface with other OGC working groups that address technical areas that are affected by the data preservation problem, and to engage in outreach and communication with the preservation and archival information community.In particular, the WG will create and invite dialog with the broad spectrum of geospatial community and archival community constituents that have a stake in addressing data preservation issues.

In the course of fulfilling its Charter, the Data Preservation DWG will:

1.Develop communications materials, including white papers, a web site, and other documents that focus on the technical problem area of data preservation.

2.Manage a mailing list for discussion of domain-relevant issues within OGC.

3.Build relationships: engage members of the geospatial data community (including relevant OGC working groups) and the archival community.Foment and mediate communication within this target audience.

4.Conceive, design, coordinate, and implement demonstration, pilot, and production projects that demonstrate technical approaches to data preservation within the context of the OGC suite of technologies and relevant technologies emerging within the preservation and archiving community.

5.As appropriate, serve as a forum for the development of specification profiles and application schemas for archival purposes.

6. Engage the interest of sponsors for these activities.