Perspective Imagery DWG


Hjelmager, Jan (Danish Agency for Data Supply & Efficiency (SDFE))
Hirschorn, Eric (Hirschorn, Eric)

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Group Description:

The Perspective Imagery Domain Working Group discusses proposals for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards in support of perspective imagery data.

Current topics in discussion include:

1) an interoperable data file structure (consisting of typically large numbers of  images, as well as other supporting non-imagery data such as an image processing history, that may come from a data collection process) with an associated web service, 

2) support of a new OGC pilot project in collaboration with the W3C for their support of OGC augmented reality data sets, and

3) an OGC motion imagery standard.

A pending group charter for this DWG is dependent on the results of this initial work.