Planning Committee


Simmons, Scott (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.)

Group Description:

The OGC Planning Committee is granted authority to operate by the OGC Bylaws. Principal Membership is provided for organizations that wish to participate in the planning and management of the Consortium's technology development process.

The Planning Committee has ultimate responsibility for approving Technical Committee recommendations for the adoption and release of OGC standards, and for Specification Program planning.

The Planning Committee:

  1. Is involved in strategic technology planning regarding the Consortium’s development of open geoprocessing standards that have the greatest possible chance of being adopted in the market.Work on development of the Consortium's message and strategic positioning within the IT community and formulation of the Consortium's Information Community and market outreach strategies
  2. Recommends prospective Directors and to votes to ratify the Board of Directors’ approved slate of candidate directors of the Consortium;
  3. Discusses and votes on recommendations from the Technical Committee;
  4. Discusses and provides guidance on relationships with other standards bodies;
  5. Discusses and provides guidance on the OGC Business Plan. This includes guidance on market focus and strategic direction;
  6. Reviews and comments on key PR materials;
  7. Discusses, provides guidance, and vote on any OGC Policies and Procedures documents;
  8. Conducts discussions and provide recommendations regarding issues that effect the achievement of the mission and objectives of the OGC.

The work of the Planning Committee is guided by the PC policies and Procedures.